Linette Cajou is an artist born in France in 1969.She graduated from Ecole Boulle and the prestigious ENSAD in Paris as well as Fashion University in Perugia, Italy.
After a career as interior architect in Paris and Moscow in international companies she is now fully dedicated to her art since 2012.

Linette Cajou is a colourist expert with multiple influences. Her art is an enchanting & imaginary journey through colours and cherished memories - Her nocturnal beaches are inspired by her childhood and family memories in France, Italy, Russia and Asia. Her technique of contouring with lavish and coloured shadows contrasts with a palette of coloured shadows instead of using brown shades.

"My paintings are totally and deeply autobiographical, but also fantasied dreamed, embellished, emerged from memories. In my work, I share also with the art of the Nabis, the importance of mystery, of the unconscious and the spiritual.

As Pierre Bonnard said "I don't belong to any school, I just try to do something personal". Her artworks are part of private collections in Asia, and Europe mostly in London and Paris and Singapore city.

Represented by international galleries, by Marina Design Works in Asia and l' Atelier Hermann in Perpignan in France. She lives and works in Montpellier, France





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